Pavemetrics is delighted to have East Japan Railway Company (JR East) as a user of LCM-2 technology for tunnel inspection.

JR East recently upgraded their Tunnel Lining Scanning Car (TuLIS) with 6 LCMS-2 systems, for an impressive total of 12 sensors. The new TuLIS system is capable of 1mm resolution 3D scans at 20km/h and can automatically detect and quantify cracking in tunnel linings.

The system is being used to scan tunnels on Japan’s famous Shinkansen network (the “Bullet Train”). The Shinkansen network carries over 350 million passengers annually, has a length of approximately 2,765 kilometers and trains travel at speeds up to 320 km/h. The Shinkansen has numerous tunnels including significant ones such as the Seikan Tunnel which is 53.85 km in length and is the world’s longest tunnel with an undersea segment.

LCMS technology is helping JR East to increase measurement accuracy while importantly reducing the time required for inspections on this very busy network.

To read the full details :

PDF in English or PDF in Japanese