This unique deployment by Kiwa KOAC of the LCMS sensors on the front of the vehicle instead of the rear in order to support the simultaneous operation of high-speed skid resistance technology; an industry first.

The biggest challenges when integrating all subsystems into one vehicle were not only handling the enormous amount of data (3-5 GB per kilometre; production capacity up to 300 km/day), but also the positioning of the various sensors. “These sensors had to be mounted in such a way that none of them influenced any other in a negative way”. “For instance, the water track created during skid resistance testing must not affect the 3D laser scanners, which need a dry road surface to operate correctly.” says Eelke Vromans, unit manager Road Testing – Kiwa KOAC.

To read the full article published by Robert H.W. Hajema from Kiwa KOAC on November 7th, 2018:

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