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LRAIL – Extended Field Trials of LRAIL for Automated Track Change Detection

Pavemetrics is pleased to share the US Federal Railroad Administration’s recent publication of the Final Project Report for its second phase of LRAIL testing.

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LRAIL – Laser Triangulation for Track Change and Defect Detection

Pavemetrics is proud to announce the recent publication of the Final Project Report by the US Federal Railroad Administration regarding its field trialing of LRAIL technology.

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Tunnel Inspection in Japan with East Japan Railway Company

JR East recently upgraded their Tunnel Lining Scanning Car (TuLIS) with 6 LCMS-2 systems, increasing their measurement accuracy while reducing the time required for inspections on this very busy network.

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LCMS Sensors Mounted of Front of Vehicle to Support Skid Resistance Technology

This unique deployment by Kiwa KOAC of the LCMS sensors on the front of the vehicle instead of the rear in order to support the simultaneous operation of high-speed skid resistance technology; an industry first.

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LCMS Passes NCAT Roughness Certification

Pavemetrics’ high-speed 3D laser pavement profiler (the LCMS) has officially passed NCAT’s rigorous longitudinal profiler certification program!

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