Pavement Surface Condition Index (PSCI)

Pavement Surface Cracking Index (PSCI) provides an objective measure of the cracking observed on surveyed pavement that eliminates human subjectivity. Monitoring of the PSCI can provide pavement performance data that can be used as a basis for maintenance, repair and improvement priority planification. PSCI rating, per ASTM 3303 standard, varies from 0 to 100; 0 being the worst possible condition and 100 the best possible condition (no cracking). PSCI value is computed from the weighted Pavement Surface Cracking Metric (PSCM) value, a surface integrity measurement.

Using both 2D and 3D information from the LCMS-2 system, the developed algorithm computes the PSCM value and provides the PSCI value. A global value as well as the value for each of the five AASHTO bands is reported in the XML. PSCI value can also be displayed on the LcmsRoadInspect result window.


E3303; Can calculate PSCI for pavement surface.