PASER Distress Raiting Protocol

Municipalities and County transportation agencies face the challenge of acquiring accurate pavement condition data quickly and cost-effectively. A majority of agencies perform a visual survey or utilize simple 2D video imaging systems and rate them manually.

Pavemetrics® has developed a fully automated workflow to provide PASER ratings to this market to address this issue.  PASER is an acronym for Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating system. The PASER scale is a 1-10 rating system for road pavement conditions developed by the University of Wisconsin Transportation Information Center specifically for this market.

The fully automated Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS®-2) solution provides accurate, consistent, and repeatable results. When assigning PASER ratings for each frame, the LCMS 3D characteristics take into account more than could be collected with a visual survey or from a 2D image solution. Precise crack depth, lengths, widths, and location are essential for calculating accurate pavement conditions. Rutting values are also measured and incorporated into the final scoring, adding additional value. The solution outputs high-resolution pavement images overlaid with the PASER rating for visual verification of the accuracy.


Quality  Rating Treatment (Asphalt)
Excellent 9-10 No Maintenance Required
Good  7-8 Crack Sealing and Minor Patching
Fair 5-6 Preservation Treatments (Non-Structural)
Poor 3-4 Structural Renewal (Overlay)
Failed 1-2 Reconstruction

University of Wisconsin Transportation Information Center
PASER Manual : Asphalt