Water Entrapment

Water accumulation in the wheel path area is a common outcome of deep rutting and insufficient cross-slope angle of the road. Without proper drainage, excess water on the road can create hazardous driving conditions for driver such as hydroplaning.

Pavemetrics® Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS®-2) compute the water entrapment on the basis of the AASHTO R 87-18 Standard Practice for Determining Pavement Deformation Parameters and Cross Slope from Collected Transverse Profiles. To compute the information, the LCMSTM-2 uses both rutting and slope cross-slope information collected.

This module reports water entrapment depth, width and position. Multiple water entrapment are detected and reported on a transversal profile and the interval of measurement is user configurable. Water entrapment area is showed in pale blue in rutting profile.


R87-17; Can determine pavement deformations (Including Provisional Standard PP69)
PP70; Can collect transverse profiles
R 87-18; Determines Pavement Deformation Parameters and Cross Slope from Transverse Profiles Collected.