Road Geometry

Longitudinal Grade (Slope), Crossfall (Cross-Slope) and Curvature Radius are key geometric features in structural and functional design of pavement surfaces.

When it comes to pavement monitoring, the measurement of these features can highlight potential structural change which could lead over time to improper drainage of water on paved surface. Entrapment of water and excess moisture can results in multiple distresses such as, but not limited to, raveling, rutting and cracking.

Using its built-in high-precision Inertial Measurement Unit (IMUs), Pavemetrics® Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS®-2) has developed a solution that computes and reports Slope, Cross-Slope and Curvature Radius of surveyed area.

The LCMS-2 simulates the process of placing a digital level on the longitudinal and vertical axis to determine the road slope and cross-slope value while using the IMUs’ gyroscopes angular motion to report the curvature radius of the surveyed surface. The information and position of the collected data is reported in XML format.


R87-17; Can determine pavement deformations (Including Provisional Standard PP69)
PP70; Can collect transverse profiles
R 87-18; Determines Pavement Deformation Parameters and Cross Slope from Transverse Profiles Collected.

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