Road Inspection

Rail Inspection

Digital Terrain Mapping

Tunnel Inspection

Airfield Inspection


Road Inspection

Pavemetrics® sensors are used in more than 35 countries around the world to automatically measure the condition of pavements. We offer imaging, transverse profiling and full 3D solutions combined with fully automated distress analysis to meet your technical specification and budget.


Railway Inspection

Pavemetrics’ sensors can be used to automatically inspect a wide variety of railway asset properties and defects, day or night, at speeds up to 180km/h. The LRAIL™ is a multifunctional inspection system that combines high-resolution 2D imaging and 3D scanning in a single sensor with Artificial Intelligence for automated processing.


Digital Terrain Mapping

Every millimeter counts when it comes to controlling project costs and maximizing asset life. Pavemetrics’ DTM solution can provide 4,000 point, millimeter accurate, DTMs of roadways every millimeter of travel down a road.


Tunnel Inspection

Push-cart and tripod LiDAR tunnel inspections require lengthy closures to complete, making them impractical for long tunnels or high-traffic areas. Conversely, Pavemetrics sensors allow for full 1mm resolution scans of tunnels at speeds in excess of 20km/h; making it the fastest and most detailed tunnel inspection system on the market.


Airfield Inspection

Airport pavements require regular inspections both from a pavement management, as well as from a FOD management perspective. Pavemetrics solutions for airfield inspection are multi-functional and portable making them a cost effective solution for your entire airport as opposed to a single runway.