Leader in vision systems for the automated inspection of transportation infrastructures.

PavemetricsTM sensors help infrastructure managers to optimize their maintenance strategies and budgets, and to improve asset performance and safety through fast, accurate and automatic condition evaluation of transportation infrastructures.

Our automated inspection technology is designed for both daytime and night-time operation. Our sensors produce high-resolution 2D images and 3D profiles of road/runway/tunnel surfaces at speeds up to 100km/h. PavemetricsTM technology has been successfully deployed for a wide variety of infrastructure management applications including: road pavement condition evaluation, detection of foreign object debris (FOD) at airports, and high-speed-train-tunnel vault lining inspection.


LCMSTM 3D imaging and automatic detection of cracking, rutting, macro texture, potholes and other distress on pavements and airfields, foreign object debris detection at airports and defect inspections on tunnel linings

Laser Crack
Measurement System (LCMSTM)

Laser Tunnel
Scanning System (LTSS)

Laser Rail Inspection
System (LRAIL)

Laser FOD
Detection System (LFOD)

Laser Digital
Terrain Mapping System (LDTM)

LRIS Millimeter-resolution imaging of road surfaces for the detection and severity rating of longitudinal, transverse and pattern cracking

Laser Road
Imaging System (LRIS)

LRMS Automatic detection and quantification of pavement rutting

Laser Rut
Measurement System (LRMS)

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